Validate facebook App ID and App Secret using Zend php

Here, we can see how to validate the given Facebook App ID & App Secret using Zend PHP.

To validate Facebook App ID, use the following code:


To validate both Facebook App ID & App Secret, use the following code:


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Remove objects from Amazon S3 with Zend framework

Let us have look on to remove the objects which are stored in Amazon S3. If we have stored the object as <S3 bucket name> / <object name1> / <object name2 with some extension> . Actually <object name2> is coming under <object name1>. See below to get the code for removing the objects.


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MathJax api for rendering MathML

I was seeking a Javascript api to render MathML which supports in all modern browsers, and I found a Javascript open source api called MathJax to render MathML very well. It is very easy to configure MathJax.

 To download the latest version of MathJax, click here.

To get the detailed documentation and further details, please click here.

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