MathJax api for rendering MathML

I was seeking a Javascript api to render MathML which supports in all modern browsers, and I found a Javascript open source api called MathJax to render MathML very well. It is very easy to configure MathJax.

 To download the latest version of MathJax, click here.

To get the detailed documentation and further details, please click here.

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Rendering MathML properly in Windows

Here, I’m going to explain about the MathML rendering in Safari browser on Windows OS. When I was worked with MathML, I faced some issues while rendering in Windows (OS: XP, Windows 7) and I found the solution for it. The solution is we have to use either STIX fonts or Asana fonts in Windows.

I have downloaded those fonts and pasted in font folder inside control panel. After done this, I again take the corresponding page which contains MathML data and verified that the data is rendering well.

To download STIX fonts click here

To download Asana fonts click here

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