Amazon SES integration using PHP SDK

This is a sample way to integrate Amazon Simple Email Service. I have done this, by using PHP SDK provided by AWS.

Before that please ensure you have Amazon Web Service account.

Then get the Access Key and Secret Key from the IAM console which will be used to communicate with AWS.

Next step is, download AWS SDK for PHP from and extract the downloaded file and add the PHP SDK library file to your project.

Include concerned SDK libraries in your project as shown below:

If you have any queries on this add a comment to this post, so that I can help you to resolve the problems to integrate SES service.

Happy Emailing…

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Get Mime Type of a file using PHP

A simple way to get the mime type of all valid files using PHP. Refer the code below:


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Avoid mail direction to spam or junk folder – Zend PHP

Here, I’m just giving a solution to avoid mail direction to ‘spam’/ ‘junk’ folder while sending the mail using Zend_Mail(). Please see below,


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Get Date value based on User Locale – Zend PHP

Use the code given below to get the date value in desired format based on user locale using Zend_Date() & Zend_Locale().


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Insert a object to AWS S3 using Zend PHP Framework

Here, I’m giving an example to insert a object to S3 using Zend PHP framework. Zend itself had built in library classes to communicate with AWS S3. So things are very easy.¬† Lets see how to do this. First we have to login to AWS console using the credentials which you had. Select¬† S3 console. You can create S3 bucket directly through AWS console or can create through code itself. Refer the example given below.


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