Positioning pager of JqGrid

Here, I’m going to explain changing position of navigation bar including pager of JqGrid. I have provided the default JqGrid configuration below,

As per the above default configuration, JqGrid will look like as below,


If you want to change the position of the navigation bar to above, add toppager:true attribute to the above configuration. And in this case you don’t need to define the <div id=”divPagerPlanList”></div> and use pager: “#divPagerPlanList”In this case the the id of the pager will be list_toppager. Refer the changed configuration & image below,


Then, if we want to get the navigation bar on both top and bottom, do the first step as specified above. After that add cloneToTop:true option as follows,

jQuery(“#tblPlanList”).jqGrid(‘navGrid’,’#divPagerPlanList’,{cloneToTop: true, del:false,add:false,edit:false,search:false});


jQuery(“#tblPlanList”).jqGrid(‘navGrid’,’#pager’,{cloneToTop: true, del:false,add:false,edit:false,search:false});

Refer the changed configuration and image below,


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Avoid mail direction to spam or junk folder – Zend PHP

Here, I’m just giving a solution to avoid mail direction to ‘spam’/ ‘junk’ folder while sending the mail using Zend_Mail(). Please see below,


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Get Date value based on User Locale – Zend PHP

Use the code given below to get the date value in desired format based on user locale using Zend_Date() & Zend_Locale().


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Parsing XML response which contains tags with colon


As part of integrating Webex conferencing service to my current working project, I came across on parsing XML which contains tags with colon (:). I was familiar with normal XML parsing [means XML tags without colon] and I have done a lots of such XML parsing. After searching on google for sometime, I found solution for parsing XML with tags which contains colon. I would like to share this solution with an example here. Please see below:


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Hide PHP and Apache web server versions from response header

Normal PHP & Apache installations won’t hide the server details from request response headers. See below [with default configuration],


To hide PHP & Apache web server version details from response headers, you have to edit few configuration files on your hosted server.



After made the above changes, restart the apache web server.


Now check the response header from your server,


See the difference between the response headers before and after changing the configurations.

Note: These changes won’t made your server more secure. It is just hiding the configuration details from hackers.


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