display preview of an image without uploading to the server using javascript

All of us might be tried to load preview of an image which is to be uploaded to the server. Previously we can’t do this without uploading that particular file to the server. Now the latest versions of most of the browsers supports FILEREADER Web API. Using this we can display the preview of an image file without uploading to the server, using Javascript. The Javascript code given below:


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Get size of a File when we selected to upload using Javascript

A simple method to get the size of the file selected which is to be uploaded, using JavaScript.


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credit card validation using regular expression

Regular Expressions for Credit Card Validation – Javascript and PHP


Regular expressions for validating all types of credit card numbers.



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MathJax api for rendering MathML

I was seeking a Javascript api to render MathML which supports in all modern browsers, and I found a Javascript open source api called MathJax to render MathML very well. It is very easy to configure MathJax.

 To download the latest version of MathJax, click here.

To get the detailed documentation and further details, please click here.

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jwplayer setup for rtmp streaming with aws cloud front

Here we can see the Javascript Api configure methods for both JW Player versions 5 & 6 (for live streaming).


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