Package Installation Commands for Ubuntu

Please have a look into the following package installation commands through Terminal.







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Facebook page validation using Zend php framework

Here, I’m going to explain that the validation of  facebook page using its ID. We can verify that, whether the entered facebook page ID is valid or not by using PHP Zend framework. Please refer the code below:


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Export all procedures alone from mysql via terminal

This is a easiest way to export all procedures alone from specified database through Terminal. Using mysqldump we can do this. General syntax of the command is as follows,

After enter the command in Terminal press ENTER, then the Terminal will prompt to enter database password where you have to provide the database password. Then you can check the path which you specified to save the .sql file. In the specified path you can see the export file.

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Function to convert UNIX timestamp to GMT timestamp

Here, I’m sharing two functions to convert the UNIX timestamp to GMT timestamp and vice versa using PHP predefined functions.


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